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Marzano's provides psychological support and counselling to children (from as young as three), adolescents, adults and the aged. Below is a summary of the areas we regularly treat. 

Child and Adolescent Psychology & Parenting

School, behavioural and other issues including separation and the impacts on children and their parents.

Couples and Relationships

Financing and parenting decisions, repeated versions of the same conflict, lack of intimacy and communication are some examples of issues that we can help with. 

Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Marzano's sees patients regularly suffering from these symptoms and has developed effective strategies to overcome these feelings.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

If you feel powerless and unsafe (physically, emotionally or both) in a close personal relationship, we can provide the necessary support.


We provide psychological support for family relationship issues, work family stress, caregiver issues, communication and other problems.


FIFO has long been a part of West Australian working culture but it can place extreme pressure on individual and family functioning including well-being and mental health.  Let us provide you with assistance including appropriate coping strategies.  

Sports Performance Issues

Domenic Marzano has a long history of supporting athletes to overcome issues that hold them back from performing at their best. We can help with appropriate assessment and performance coaching strategies.

Suicide Ideation

Let us help you get back on track while we also refer you to other appropriate services if required.


Intrusive memories, avoidance of reminders and numbing of emotional responses and feeling jumpy and on edge are all symptoms of trauma. At Marzano’s we can help you through the recovery process.

Work, Organisational Matters and Workers Compensation

Work place and organisation issues can be extremely complicated with multiple parties involved and household income at risk. At Marzano’s we are extremely qualified and experienced in this area.