Marzano psychology and lifestyle planning workshops 2017


Workshop Details

Marzano psychology and lifestyle planning workshops are designed to support personal, professional and relationship growth. Run over 3 weeks, each of the three sessions runs for 90 minutes with small groups to allow for individual attention in an interactive and supportive learning environment. The workshops are run by Domenic Marzano, a member of an elite group of less than 30 Australian Psychology Board endorsed Organisational Psychologists in WA. 

In the workshops Domenic integrates aspects of clinical, positive, sport and organisational psychology that promote a highly positive attitude to life, work and relationships.

The workshops are a supportive and empowering environment through which attendees gain an understanding of their own personal values and undertake a gap analysis to develop a personal action plan for goal attainment and mental toughness. 

Workshop 1

Workshop 1 explores the relationship between mental and physical health and well being and how critical it is to maintain both. Then, using the PERMA model, workshop participants will identify how to unlock key drivers to well being and mental resilience also the role diet and nutrition plays and the importance of staying active.

Workshop 2

The second workshop uses techniques adopted by Olympic athletes so participants can explore their personal values that define their relationships and career. Dominic will explain how understanding your values and living your life by these values is critical to your mental well being. Participants will  develop their personal SWOT analysis.

Workshop 3

In workshop 3 participants develop their personal action plan using knowledge and understanding gained through the first two workshops. This is done using a gap analysis of current state versus desired state. The action plan includes ongoing self evaluation strategics that enable participants to monitor their progress.