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Domenic Marzano B Psych, M Psych, MAPs

Domenic Marzano B Psych, M Psych, MAPs

About Marzano's

At Marzano’s our people work together as a team to ensure that patients have the best experience possible from the initial enquiry through to the final assessment.

We have genuine empathy for patients and their families and work collaboratively with their Doctors and other health professionals to ensure that their treatment is the best available.

If we believe patients require a referral to another service or health professional during treatment, we will assist by working with these providers during the treatment process.

We employ a structured, evidence based approach to psychological assessment and counselling. 

About Domenic Marzano

We believe Domenic is the only practitioner in WA that has an extensive knowledge of and integrates aspects of clinical, positive, sport and organisational psychology.

He uses this knowledge and experience to address mental health issues and increase happiness and well-being for children, adolescents and adults facing various issues in a variety of settings.

Domenic is also one of an elite group of less than 30 Australian Psychology Board endorsed Organisational Psychologists in WA.

He has extensive experience in goal attainment, performance coaching and mental toughness and undertook 8 years initial training in Psychology, including a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master of Psychology. He is registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia and a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)